Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Stars Shine Bright in Bayfield, Colorado

Bayfield town trustees did a change-up Tuesday evening from their preferred town branding image and tag-line.

They liked a new version of the crescent moon and shooting star image that they had preferred at their May 17 meeting (as reported in the June 3 Times), and they switched back to the tag-line of "Where stars shine bright" instead of "Real people, real living."

Mark Vogel from Avant Marketing presented the new option with two pine trees silhouetted in the foreground, hills and starry sky in the background. It doesn't show the valley in the middle, as the May 17 version did.

"I come from a small town," Vogel said. "We assume a lot, the values we have, the things we can experience. I've also thought twilight is the most peaceful time. The time where Bayfield becomes the center of the universe, where stars shine bright. It's all the successes and accomplishments of the community. One of the things we heard in the interviews is most people have a lot of pride in the community, but they don't feel they're getting the respect."

As for the darkness of the image, he said, "There's a richness to this that elevates the brand of Bayfield."

Audience member Jackie Morlan, who has been involved with the branding effort, said, "The tag-line of 'Where stars shine bright' says so much about our town." There are state championship athletes, people who do big things, she said. Plus, "We can see the stars much better here than in Durango."

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