Thursday, January 21, 2016

Avant Marketing Gives Back to the Community

As the old adage goes ‘We only have what we give’. Avant Marketing is proud of its culture of volunteerism, and in 2015 of Avant Marketing Group has been more active than ever in the community.

In this past year Avant Marketing Group associate Paul VandenElzen became a member of Launch St. Louis, a group of local business leaders focused on connecting young professionals and non-profit organizations throughout the community. Launch St. Louis has partnered with groups such as Friends of Kids with Cancer and Brightside St. Louis to develop supportive networks of young business men and women. These young friends groups fund-raise, volunteer, and plan events to improve the effectiveness of their charity.
According to Paul, he chose to partner with Launch St. Louis because of the exceptional impact that it has on the St. Louis Community as a whole. “What I love about Launch St. Louis is that we aren’t tied down to a single effort or cause, what we do helps to build up many local non-profits. Really, our mission is to create the high tides that raise all boats.”

The most recent Launch St. Louis partnership is with the APA adoption center of St. Louis. The APA Adoption Center is an independent non-profit which has been a fixture of St. Louis for over nine decades. The APA is unique because it is not an ‘animal shelter’, as an adoption center their efforts are concentrated on pet adoptions. In fact, they do such a good job of connecting homeless pets to their future owners that the APA assists many St. Louis shelters by taking on overflow from these organizations.

As highlighted in the Channel 2 newscast below, Launch St. Louis is already hard at work establishing the new professionals group; the Young Friends of the APA Adoption Center. There has been an amazing response from the business community of St. Louis and many prospective youth volunteers have come forward as potential candidates. If you, or someone at your organization is interested in becoming a board member of the Young Friends of the APA Adoption Center, Launch St. Louis and the APA are hosting a recruitment mixer next month, February 11 from 5:30pm until 7:30pm at the APA Adoption Center. For more information, visit the Launch St. Louis website or contact Paul VandenElzen directly at (314) 576-7700 ext. 13.

In addition to Avant Marketing’s work with Launch St. Louis, efforts to fight food insecurity in the community have been more prevalent than ever. This past holiday season Avant Marketing raised over $4,200 which was used to feed 115 families in the St. Louis area as part of our Feed the Need Holiday Food Drive.
Avant Marketing Group is excited to continue doing everything we can to help St. Louis continue to improve. If you have a community project which needs marketing support let us know. We are always looking for the next new opportunity to advance the remarkable community of St. Louis which we call home.