Friday, April 27, 2012

Marketers Optimistic Yet Cautious About 2012 Spending

In April 2012, Avant Marketing Group solicited participation in an online poll with 350
Marketing Executives from the Agricultural, Manufacturing and Financial Services business

The results of the poll reflect that the majority of respondents planned for an improved 2012
sales year with 1st quarter results tracking to forecast. In addition, the majority of
respondents expect year-end sales to either meet or exceed expectations – yet over half have
been conservative and cautious with marketing spending and less than one-third are planning
on adding marketing staff to their organization.

1. Sixty-eight (67.6%) of respondents forecasted increased sales in 2012
compared to 2011 actual. Another 29.4% forecasted flat sales and 2.9%
forecasted decreased sales.

2. Based on 2012 1st Quarter results, 67.6% of respondents state that sales
are tracking to forecast, 14.7% state that sales are higher than forecast
and 17.6% state that sales are lower than forecast.

3. Similarly, 67.6% of respondents expect total 2012 sales to meet
forecast, 26.5% expect sales to exceed forecast and 5.9% expect sales to
be lower than forecast.

4. Ironically, 55.9% of respondents state that they have been
conservative and cautious in their marketing investment so far into 2012
– waiting until they have a good read on the economy. Another 26.5%
have been confident and are aggressively investing their marketing
budget. In addition, 14.7% have already increased their marketing
budget and 2.9% have already decreased their marketing budget.

For a copy of the full research report, contact Mark Vogel:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Downtown Medford Oregon Selects Avant Marketing Group for Brand Identity Development

(St. Louis, Missouri – 4/24/2012) – The Heart of Medford Association has selected the Avant Marketing Group to develop a new brand platform, name and tagline for the downtown Medford business district. The business district serves a market population of over 400,000 in the Jackson County area of Southern Oregon.

“We selected Avant based on the firm’s brand and municipal experience and expertise,” states Diane Raymond, Executive Director. “We are delighted to work with a professional firm that can bring us an outside perspective to our identity as we go forward with our branding and marketing efforts.”

Avant will analyze existing research to formalize a brand platform for the business district. This will be used to create a sustainable brand identity and positioning to be used in future marketing efforts.

Downtown Medford has witnessed tremendous investment and rejuvenation in the past several years. With the support of over 30 restaurants, as well as a variety of retail and service businesses, efforts have been focused on formal marketing strategies to attract more people to the district.

Avant Marketing Group is a market planning firm located in St. Louis, Missouri. The firm provides market research, brand development and market planning to a variety of clients in both the private and public sectors.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What Would Have Our World Looked Like Without Dick Clark?

Radio Disc Jockeys don't normally earn tributes. In 1956, a very young Philadelphia DJ was given the opportunity to take his high school dance show nationwide and American Bandstand was born. Dick Clark become a regular in our Saturday television viewing. His contributions to our American culture cannot be overlooked.

In the 1950s, popular music was not integrated. In fact, most charted hits were recorded and produced by both white and black artists and marketed separately under different labels. It was Dick Clark that opened the opportunity for that decade's black artists to go mainstream. From Chubbie Checker to Gladys Knight, Clark's open-mindedness and courage changed the color of music from that point on.

Before Dick Clark, artists and record promoters most effective promotion was the bus tour across the country. Driving from town-to-town, musicians would make an appearance on the local radio station and then perform live that evening. Dick Clark is responsible for developing the music industry that we know today. By producing a television show targeted to teenagers and featuring music and artists that were previously only promoted on radio, he evolved the entire music industry and assisted its phenominal growth that was witnessed in the 60s and 70s.

Most importantly, Dick Clark defined the teenage market. Before American Bandstand, marketers ignored the under-21 audience believing that there was no consumer market unless you reached legal age. Marketers soon realized that American teenagers are key purchase decision-makers, do have disposable income and are the essential innovator segment for many trends --not only fashion and music trends, but even today as reflected in technology adaption.

If we were to rate Dick Clark's career and his contributions to our culture based on his Rate-A-Record segment, we give Dick a big "Thumbs Up". Dick, you were "easy to dance to and had a nice beat". Your legacy and marketing insight will live for many years to come.

For now...Dick long.